FILMOGRAPHY – Director / Cinematographer

2016 BACK TO MADAGASCAR – in postproduction
Magic Hour Films & Kamoli Films, supported by Danish Film Institute & DRTV

2014 SOCIAL WORKERS AT SCHOOLS, The National Board of Social Services, mikmeyer film, 3 x 4 min.

2013 CLIENT AND CITIZEN, City of Copenhagen, Employment & Integration, mikmeyer film, 6 x 4 min.

2010 UNEMPLOYED AND CITIZEN, City of Copenhagen, Employment and Integration, mikmeyer film, 5 x 15 min

Barok Film, Supported by Danish Film Institute & TV2/Denmark, 58 min. Shortlistet for Danish DOX Award 2008. Doc á Tunis, Main Program, 2010, Main competition Beirut International Film festival, 2009. Mexico, 2010. Subs: UK, DK, ARABIC

2008 NETWORK, mikmeyer film and City of Copenhagen, 20 min. Professional identities when working with employment and integration in City of Copenhagen. Language: Danish.

2007 PUPPETS, STORIES & THERAPY, Danish Red Cross, 20 min. Rana is 5 years old and in post trauma therapy at The Danish Red Cross. Language: Danish, Subs: UK

2006 WHAT WE SEE / DET VI SER, Barok Film, supported by Danish Film Institute & DRTV, 58 min. 4 female art students and their teacher at The School of Classical Drawing at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek exploring the universe of drawing.
Subs: UK, DK

2006 DRAWING / AT TEGNE, 21 Filmic notes on drawing, 90 min. Barok Film, The Danish Film Institute & DRTV. Passage, light, contrast. A non-linear visual travel into the questions of seeing and expressing your self visually. Subs: DK, UK

2006 TOLERANCE AND PARTICIPATION, 25 min, Educational Film. Methods of integration in a multi-ethnic kindergarden in Copenhagen/Nørrebro. Language: DK.

2005 A MEETING AND A KISS, doc, 28 min, Fine and Mellow Production. Portrait of Danish film director Henrik Ruben Genz and his work on “Chinaman”. Subs: DK, UK

Jakob. Foto Henrik Bohn Ipsen copy